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This page is for items relating to living in an
emergency or even off the grid.   They are not all
18th century items there are some modern
accessories we carry
For starters....Fire Starting items
In survival situations, you'll want this simple, compact magnesium fire starter kit with you to get a fire going even in damp weather. The magnesium fire starter is a small block of magnesium is waterproof and fireproof. Scrape some shavings into a small nest of tow or dried grass and then strike the fire steel built into the starter to ignite the shavings. The fire generated is extremely hot and will ignite even damp kindling. Comes with 1 ounce of flax tow and one 3" by 1" Magnesium bar with striker.
Magnesium Kit
The fastest way for you to learn this ancient Fire Making technique- NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Our Bow Drill Set is a complete, hand-made "Ready-to-Go" Bow Drill Set guaranteed to make fire because its "pre-tested". These high quality, durable sets are most popular with individuals purchasing a set for themselves or for presenters who plan to give demonstrations. Set includes the following: *23" Oak Bow (Hand Carved and Hand Rubbed finish ) *6 ft genuine "7 strand" 550 Parachute Cord (for Bow string), Oak hand-hold *2 spindles (1 pre-carved and burned in, plus an extra one for you to carve) *Fireboard (carved & first hole already burned in, notched, and tested to make a coal) *Tinder (pre-shredded ) *Jute cord (to make more tinder) *Bees wax lubricant *Sample of "correct color" of the wood dust you want to have *Full Instructions *"Fire Ready" right out of the box
Bow Drill Set
The Fero-Lighter is a 3/8 inch sparking rod with a hollow tinder tube in the handle. You can stash Vaseline cotton balls or flax tow in the o-ring sealed handle. A carbon steel scraping blade is tethered to the handle.