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Made of 3/8 inch square mild steel. Called a "double duty" because you can use it as a fire set or as a
upright cooker over your fire. This heavier version of our small double duty fire set can easily
support up to 20 pounds of food on one s hook, as illustrated bellow where we hung a 20 pound bench
anvil in the middle of the crossbar with no warping of the set! All in a 3 pound package.

The set comes complete with two 22 inch long uprights, as well as a 23 inch crossbar with hand
forged fork on one end and a pot holder on the other end. 2 S hooks made out of 5/16 inch round stock
one around 5 inches long and another around 4 inches long. Arrives packed in a nice hemp canvas bag
for carrying and storage of your set's components.