Camping Gear

Please keep in mind that many of the
items contained here in are handmade by
Allen or Colleen are not always in stock at
the time of your order.  Please order early
so that we will have plenty of time to work
on your items.  

We have a new page up for Camping
Gear, which will periodically be getting
new products on it. If you are in need of
material for making tent ropes or if you
are looking for gear for your camp site
take a look at our new page. If you know
someone with a  birthday or there is a
particular holiday upcoming, you might
want to visit the Gift Collection page.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through
our catalog.   If you'd like to place an
order you can use our on-line shopping
cart,  fax, write  or call us.   Our address
is on every page.

13608 Monroe Road 1130                                                          Phone Orders:  1-888-498-3466
Madison, Missouri  65263                                                          e-mail: turkeyfoot@mcmsys.com
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